Survey Introduction

What is RETHINK ?

Remembrance Education for THINKing critically (RETHINK) is an Erasmus+-funded project that gathers 8 institutional partners across France, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Sweden.

Aim of this survey

In order to identify effective educational approaches in the field, we are surveying memorial institutions and democracy-building NGOs in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, and Sweden. The survey will give us valuable insight into your organisation’s educational practices.

How will we use the data?

The practices we collect will be aggregated in the publicly-accessible, searchable RETHINK database. It will offer a unique overview of formal and non-formal educational practices that combat prejudice and promote the values of tolerance and diversity.

We hope it will address educators’ needs in finding appropriate programmes for the audience they serve, in any of the five countries included in the project.

A panel of experts will select some of these practices as effective models to be adapted across contexts and countries. The resulting RETHINK e-learning platform  will offer school teachers an e-learning experience which will help them to use remembrance education practices in the classroom.

What do you need to do?

To complete the questionnaire, simply click on Begin Survey.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and are happy to provide further details on the survey and project.

Please note: By filling out this questionnaire, you agree to have the information you submit about your organisation and its practices featured in a publicly-accessible database housed on the RETHINK website. Please be aware that responses to the survey may be subject to small edits to correct minor errors such as typos or grammatical mistakes. However, the core meaning will remain unchanged.