RETHINK E-Learning Platform

Memorial institutions and remembrance education organisations have developed unique and tailor-made approaches to promote tolerance and respect towards diversity, while building students’ media literacy and critical thinking skills. The RETHINK project is now bringing these good practices to your classroom through an e-learning experience in English, which will enable you to upgrade your teaching, access new pedagogical material and deliver innovative lessons.

Learning Objectives

By following this course, you will:


Learn about remembrance education and its good practices.

Understand the relevance of the past for today.

Learn how to stimulate critical thinking.

Promote tolerance and respect towards diversity.




Each module requires less than an hour of learning effort to be completed.


No prerequisites needed
for this activity.

Target Audience

The RETHINK e-learning platform is dedicated to open minded teachers who wish to implement informal education practices in their classrooms.

The good practices selected and adapted within this project, were developed mainly by organisations whose work focuses on the Holocaust. For this reason, RETHINK modules mostly deal with a remembrance education specifically focused on Holocaust remembrance. However, as many of the methodologies and concepts can be applied to other remembrance contexts, RETHINK modules are useful to teach not only about the Holocaust, but also other aspects of remembrance education.


1. Making the Past Relevant for Today
This module provides an overview of the possibilities offered by remembrance education to bring the past into the classroom, analyse it critically and encourage self-reflection.
2. Applying Multiperspectivity to Remembrance Education
Teachers will learn how to apply a multiperspective approach to remembrance education.
3. Methodologies and Approaches

3A. How to Handle Remembrance Site Visits

Before, During and After This module supports teachers in adapting their content and teaching style to the group they are supervising, so they can provide a suitable learning experience.

3B. Teaching with Video Testimonies of Victims of National Socialism

In this module, teachers will get an overview of the possibilities that video-testimonies can offer for teaching, especially in the context of the Holocaust.

3C. Making the Most of Digital Archives in Class

Teachers will get to know the digital archives of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw and find out how to use them creatively to prepare their own lessons and presentations.

4. Challenging Exclusion: Thinking Critically

4A. Dealing with Hate Speech

This module will help teachers to identify hate speech, its impact, and analyse its connection to freedom of expression in national and international legislation. Teachers will discover activities which encourage students to choose an appropriate response.

4B. Addressing Propaganda Today

In this module, we examine and discuss various examples of (contemporary) propaganda and learn to recognise propaganda techniques. Some practical tips and tricks will help you to handle propaganda discussions in the classroom.

4C. Deconstructing Prejudices and Stereotypes and Fighting Racism

This module offers concrete tools to help teachers deal with prejudices and stereotypes in the classroom.



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How did we build this e-learning platform?

In order to develop an online course that was best suited to teachers’ needs and those of their students, we surveyed teachers in the countries involved in the RETHINK project (Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland) between March and April 2019.

The consortium received 449 answers, which gave us valuable insight into teachers’ experience with remembrance education; and the issues they deal with when teaching about current (and past) sensitive and controversial issues.

The collected data was used to produce a needs analysis, whose conclusions are available online and used to design the modules above.

Interested in viewing the survey results?