RETHINK 3rd Newsletter

RETHINK Conference: an online seminar for reflection and networking

We are pleased to announce that we will be running our Final Conference between 2 to 4 March 2021.

This is a perfect opportunity not only to share our 3-years work and further discuss the importance of bringing Remembrance Education in school practice and enhance young people’s critical thinking but also to answer your questions.

The project resources we will mention are already online on our website.

COVID-19 has forced us to review our plans for the Conference yet in the last months we worked on a meaningful program with external experts. We cannot meet face-to-face but we decided to go live-streaming in order to allow participation of all of you.

The Conference will be entirely online, with no costs of registration.

Save the dates! We hope to ‘see’ many of you there.


Day 1 – 2 march 2021, 10am-1pm Central European Time




Main sessions

  • What is Rethink? – Clément BardouxFrance Education International – Coordinator Rethink Project
  • Presentation of the Rethink database – Morgane Knepper, Mémorial de la Shoah
  • Launch of the Rethink Network – Isabelle Diependaele, Kazerne Dossin
  • Never Again is Now Again: Historical Persistence of Collective Violence and Critical Thinking in Remembrance Education – Nena Močnik, PhD


Day 2 – 3 march 2021, 4-6 pm Central European Time




Main sessions

  • Connecting to session 1 – Isabelle Diependaele, Kazerne Dossin
  • The case of bringing Remembrance Education to the class room – Wouter Sinaeve
  • Presentation Rethink Teachers’ Guide and E-learning platform – Alice Modena, EuroClio and Alessia Valenti, CESIE


Day 3 – 4 march 2021, 10am-1pm Central European Time




Main sessions

  • Connecting to session 2 – Isabelle Diependaele, Kazerne Dossin
  • Introduction of the panel: Remembrance education in practice: Voices from different fields – Alice Modena and Catherine Savitsky, EuroClio
  • How can we present a difficult past in a way that it is meaningful today? – Prof. Dariusz Stola
  • How to bring Theory into Practice? – Maarten Van Alstein, PhD
  • Remembrance education: The role of Public authorities – Jean-Philippe Restoueix
  • Presentation of Rethink’s policy recommendations – Isabelle Diependaele, Kazerne Dossin


We want to make the Conference the more interactive and sociable as possible.

We hope you are feeling chatty!

The Conference will be broadcasted on Facebook and YouTube: you can follow us and ask questions to the speakers in real time.

If you have a question for our speakers, please feel free to send it to
Meanwhile, we have 3 questions for you! Give us your inputs at and follow us to know why we asked.

Policy Recommendations

During the 3 years we worked in RETHINK we had the chance not only to investigate educational programmes and approaches which have been developed as a part of remembrance education but also to investigate current teaching practices and get an insight from educators and teachers about their current teaching practices and their needs. 

Our challenge of mobilizing society against intolerance and hatred required a further effort on our part: based on our findings we outlined a series of recommendations to enhance mutual cooperation and greater engagement for remembrance education and to contribute to the development of study curricula where media literacy and critical thinking have their place. 

The recommendations are addressed to a variety of audiences notably: education stakeholders, teacher training institutes, representative institutions working on the theme, teachers’ associations, museums and memorials as well as the international community. 

The document prioritizes strategies based on commitment of education providers, collaboration with memorial institutions, remembrance sites and initiatives, teacher training and investments.

The document is now available in English here and we will present it during our Final Conference.

Stay tuned to be notified when translations in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Polish will be available and join us during the Conference to tell us what you think about it.

Send us your opinion at


Join the RETHINK Network and become part of a community of people and organisations active in the field of Remembrance Education.

Remembrance education can also benefit from processes of exchanges and initiatives and project designing.

In order to encourage exchange and networking and support communication among institutions, we have established the RETHINK Network.

This unique international forum is meant for sharing information, expertise and ideas, allow people and institutions to exchange about their work, create partnership and find mutual support.

The Network will be officially launched and presented during our Final Conference.

Meanwhile it has already led to new collaborations and we look forward to see it growing and be the launch pad for significant new initiatives.

If you can’t wait till the Conference you can already join the RETHINK Network by filling our form. We look forward to receiving your application!

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