RETHINK 2nd Newsletter

What has the RETHINK Project been up to?

One of the aims of the RETHINK project (Remembrance Education for THINKing critically) is to bridge the gap between formal and non-formal education. 

In the last few months, we worked with a team of partners and external experts to examine educational programmes relevant for the learning and teaching of remembrance education topics, selected some of these practices as effective models and tried them out to see if and how they could be used in other contexts or countries. 

Now we are finally ready to introduce you to the RETHINK Teacher’s Guide to Remembrance Education. This handbook is a tool to support educators in formal and informal education who want to improve their practice when teaching about remembrance. 

It includes tools and resources educators can use to adapt their teaching and address challenges in the classroom. You will find testimonies and advice from teachers who tested the practices in other memorial sites, with university students, or in school classrooms across Europe. 

We hope you will be inspired to try remembrance education programmes in your educational context!

A special training experience for teachers

Are you interested in upgrading your teaching and delivering innovative lessons? The RETHINK e-learning platform is dedicated to open-minded teachers who wish to implement informal education practices in their classrooms and teach not only about the Holocaust, but also other aspects of remembrance education.

We can offer you 8 modules developed by our partners based on remembrance education programmes which will support you in teaching about the relevance of the past for today, promoting tolerance and respect towards diversity, and stimulating critical thinking of your students:




    • How to Handle Remembrance Site Visits
    • Teaching with Video Testimonies of Victims of National Socialism
    • Making the Most of Digital Archives in Class


    • Dealing with Hate Speech
    • Addressing Propaganda Today
    • Prejudices and stereotypes, in history and in everyday life
    • COST: Free
    • DURATION: Each module requires less than an hour of learning effort to be completed.
    • PREREQUISITES: No prerequisites needed for this activity.

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    Save the date!

      Our main goal is to support inclusive education by providing educators with innovative tools to:

      • challenge prejudices;
      • deepen students’ understanding of phenomena such as polarisation and identity;
      • develop their media literacy and critical thinking skills. 

      With this final seminar, we want to promote the project results towards educational institutions and other learning providers, policy makers, social and sectoral partners and stakeholders at the European level. 

      Information will be soon available at and on our channels! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

      Don’t forget our work!

      The RETHINK project aims to highlight the relevance and facilitate the dissemination of inclusive education programmes that address intolerance and polarisation, and challenge students’ preconceptions while contributing to developing their media literacy and critical thinking skills.

      In the first year of the project, we developed the RETHINK database, which collects effective educational practices in the field designed by memorial institutions and democracy-building NGOs. 

      The database is searchable – by keyword, country, target audience and more – and allows you to find the most relevant practices easily. You can browse and access information about practices (target group, costs, activities) as well as details on the organisation that developed them.

      Do you work for an organisation active in our field and want your practices to be in the database? You are lucky! Our database is a work in progress, and you can add relevant good practices anytime: fill the RETHINK survey.

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