RETHINK: Remembrance Education as tool to prevent racism

How to develop the critical thinking skills and the ability to face prejudices of young people?

How to support educators in dealing with current challenges as the rise in antisemitism, racism, xenophobia and radicalisation?

The kick-off meeting of project RETHINK – Remembrance Education for THINKing critically took place in Sèvres (France) from 29 to 30 January.

The project aims to collect and upscale best practices in remembrance educationdeveloped by memorials, museums, organizations and educational centers active in this field and to produce teaching strategies tuned to formal education and work in classroom.

During the meeting, the activities to be carried out in the three years project period have been analysed, such as:

  • the creation of an online database of educational activities developed by structures in the field of Remembrance Education;
  • the upscaling of the collected educational activities to adapt them to formal education:
  • the elaboration of a MOOC training programme addressed to teachers and educators based on the collection of different programmes and approaches.
  • the redaction of Policy Recommendations addressed to EU and local education authorities for the use of Remembrance Education.

In addition, a Network of Memory Initiatives will be created, made up of memorials, relevant NGOs and other institutions working in Europe in the field of Remembrance Education and promotion of fundamental rights.

RETHINK is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 3 – Support for Policy Reform – Social inclusion through Education, Training and Youth.

The partnership holds together 8 organisations:

For further information, please contact Alessia Valenti,