Website “Verwobene Geschichte(n). Geteilte Erinnerungen in Berlin“ (Entangled histories, Shared and Divided Memories in Berlin)

Core features of the practice

  • Organisation:

    Institution name: Project "Verwobene Geschichte(n)“ (Entangled Histories / Memories)
    Institution URL:
  • Format:

    Seminar, Workshop, Guided tour, Exhibition
  • Target population:

    Students, Young people, Educators in formal settings, Educators in non-formal settings, Civil society and non-profit leaders
  • Cost (per practice):

  • Setting:

    Your institution, Other institution, School
  • Themes:

    Remembrance education and/or history education, Citizenship/democracy education, Antisemitism, Xenophobia and other prejudices, The Holocaust and/or other genocides
  • Core activities:

    Group work, Group discussion, Film viewing

Additional information about the practice

    Target population

  • Number of participants:

    Up to 34
  • Age of target population:

  • Additional specifics:

    Race/ethnicity, Educationally and socially disadvantaged groups:, Religious affiliation:
  • Components of the practice

  • Topics and objectives:

    Racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism in Germany from late 19th century until today, focusing on biographies, tours and sites (texts, pictures, audio, films, etc). The practice seeks to help participants interpret and analyze the entanglement of histories and memories, especially from the perspective of People of Color, and understand the diverse formation of German Society and the multiple belongings and experiences of intersectional racism of Germans of African, Asian, Arab and Roma descent as well as jewish and muslim religion.
  • Materials used:

    Written or other published material, Audiovisual material, Online material
  • Material produced:

    Not applicable
  • Sequence of activities - methodology:

    Tour: Tours through Berlin on the topics on "unfree labor and racism“ and "colonial formation“ (either with Tour Guides or an App) Workshop: presentation and discussion of the website, small group work on different topics (varies according to participants) Seminar: presentation of the concept of entangled histories/memories in comparison to other concepts of civic education, discussion of historical dis-/continuities regarding „unfree labor and racism“ or „islam- and orientpolitics in colonial and nationalsocialist formations“, small research projects related to these topics Exhibition (upcoming): peer guided touring exhibition on the topic of „living without papers in past and present“, in particular focussing on the relationship of education and documents.
  • Length of activity:

    5 to 8 hours
  • Is the activity digital?:

  • Accessibility and replicability

  • Language(s) in which activity can be delivered:

    English, German
  • Is specialist knowledge or professional training required?:


Qualitative Details

  • Has this practice been evaluated?

  • How many times?:

  • By whom?:

    Participants, Informal non-participant observer
  • By what means?:

    Informal verbal feedback
  • Core content knowledge and transferable skills:

    A critical understanding of history and memories, deeper understanding of German history, especially German colonialism in its relation to national-socialism and the present, empowerment of people of color.
  • Indicators of success:

    repeat demand, addresses marginalized topics and target populations
  • Educational coordinator contact details:

    Name: Olga Gerstenberger
    Email address:


The RETHINK project is concerned with bridging formal and informal education. This section explores the factors that make a practice adaptable.

  • Key factors for successful implementation:

    Pre-knowledge of the audience
  • Main challenges to teachers adapting this practice for their students:

    Profound knowledge of different forms of racism and of German history, empowering attitude towards Students of Color
  • Availability of guidance/training/replication materials (and in what language/format currently):

  • Other comments or details: