Polarisation: Us-Them thinking

Core features of the practice

  • Organisation:

    Institution name: Kazerne Dossin
    Institution type: Museum
    Institution URL: www.kazernedossin.eu
  • Format:

    Training, Workshop, Other
  • Target population:

    Educators in formal settings, Educators in non-formal settings, Police or other law enforcement population
  • Cost (per practice):

    201-500 euros
  • Setting:

    Your institution
  • Themes:

    Citizenship/democracy education, Critical thinking, Teaching and learning methods/guidelines
  • Core activities:

    Group discussion, Lecture

Additional information about the practice

    Target population

  • Number of participants:

    Up to 14
  • Age of target population:

    26+ years
  • Additional specifics:

    Other:, /
  • Components of the practice

  • Topics and objectives:

    Kazerne Dossin is a center of expertise on historical and current processes like cumulative radicalization and polarization and translates this into actions in learning environments. The objectives are to recognize the features of polarization, different roles in the proces and applying the game changers
  • Materials used:

    Written or other published material, Online material
    Link to the material:
    1. http://bit.do/Us-them
  • Material produced:

    Not applicable
  • Sequence of activities - methodology:

    The practice is based on the model developped by Bart Brandsma and is composed of 4 modules: basic training polarization, game changers, mediative speech and behaviour, intervision
  • Length of activity:

    8 to 15 hours
  • Is the activity digital?:

    Yes: www.wij-zij.be
  • Accessibility and replicability

  • Language(s) in which activity can be delivered:

    Dutch, English
  • Is specialist knowledge or professional training required?:

  • If yes, which type?:

    Other, /

Qualitative Details

  • Has this practice been evaluated?

  • How many times?:

  • By whom?:

  • By what means?:

    Informal verbal feedback, Qualitative written feedback
  • Core content knowledge and transferable skills:

    the ability to recognize polarization and to use the toolkit
  • Indicators of success:

    Program is easily adaptable to different target groups
  • Educational coordinator contact details:

    Name: Anne-Sophie Vanvyve
    Email address: Anne-Sophie.vanvyve@kazernedossin.eu


The RETHINK project is concerned with bridging formal and informal education. This section explores the factors that make a practice adaptable.

  • Key factors for successful implementation:

    Other factor – please specify, certified trainers
  • Main challenges to teachers adapting this practice for their students:

    Learning proces in mediative speech and behaviour
  • Availability of guidance/training/replication materials (and in what language/format currently):

    website www.wij-zij.be (Dutch) Book 'Polarisation - understanding the dynamics of Us versus Them' ISBN 978-90-825957-2-7 (Dutch, English) Book ' De Hel, dat is de ander - het verschil in denken van moslims en niet-moslims' ISBN 978-90-825957-1-0 (Dutch)
  • Other comments or details: