Not a Stranger!

Core features of the practice

  • Organisation:

    Institution name: Order of the Teaspoon
    Institution URL:
  • Format:

    Instructional material, Other
  • Target population:

    Students, Educators in formal settings, Educators in non-formal settings
  • Cost (per practice):

  • Setting:

    No specific setting required
  • Themes:

    Citizenship/democracy education, Xenophobia and other prejudices, Human rights/discrimination
  • Core activities:

    Group discussion, Textual analysis, Testimonial

Additional information about the practice

    Target population

  • Number of participants:

    Not applicable
  • Age of target population:

  • Additional specifics:

    National/local specifities (e.g. activity targeted to Swedish school students)
  • Components of the practice

  • Topics and objectives:

    The Order of the Teaspoon started Not a Stranger! in 2014 – a series of personal stories and thoughts about topics such as identity and discrimination, homophobia, anti-Romanyism, racism etc. A new contribution was presented every week throughout the year. Not a Stranger! brings out famous and non-famous people who have experienced alienation and gives them a platform to tell their story. The purpose of these stories is to celebrate diversity and to give young people role models within non-normative groups. The first story was published on in February 2014 and was written by the comedian, author and actress Zinat Pirzadeh.
  • Materials used:

    Written or other published material, Audiovisual material, Online material
  • Material produced:

    Written material, When using the manual for teachers, students discuss and/or produce written material
  • Sequence of activities - methodology:

    Students read one or more of the testimonies and, based on the text, discuss topics like identity, discrimination and xenophobia. They also get to reflect upon their own identities, and what factors that form an identity (if using the teacher's manual).
  • Length of activity:

    Up to 5 hours
  • Is the activity digital?:

  • Accessibility and replicability

  • Language(s) in which activity can be delivered:

    English, Swedish
  • Is specialist knowledge or professional training required?:


Qualitative Details

  • Has this practice been evaluated?

  • Core content knowledge and transferable skills:

    The ability to understand that we are all different - but equal. The ability to reflect upon discrimination and xenophobia in our society today, and how it can be met. The ability to see the world from the point of view of another person. With the aim to decrease xenophobia.
  • Indicators of success:

    For some: We know it's appreciated by for example those who share the same feeling of alienation as the authors. For all: We know that the material, with it's stories, is an appreciated way to reflect on topics like discrimination, xenophobia and identities. Both to discuss own experiences and the experiences of others.
  • Educational coordinator contact details:

    Name: Camilla Rehn
    Email address:


The RETHINK project is concerned with bridging formal and informal education. This section explores the factors that make a practice adaptable.

  • Key factors for successful implementation:

    Materials needed
  • Main challenges to teachers adapting this practice for their students:

    The teacher has to be able to handle discussions in the classroom. You can't be afraid of handling discussion about controversial issues.
  • Availability of guidance/training/replication materials (and in what language/format currently):

    Not a Stranger! is available both as a website and a book. Some of the stories are told in a short film presenting the project (available in English and Swedish). Half of the 41 stories in the book are published in a easy-to-read version of the book. All of the stories are available in Swedish, and three of them also in English. There's also a manual for teachers, including lots of examples of questions to discuss in the classroom around the texts. (available in Swedish)
  • Other comments or details: