“darüber sprechen”. Nationalsozialismus und Holocaust: Erinnerungen von Zeitzeuginnen und Zeitzeugen.

Core features of the practice

  • Organisation:

    Institution name: erinnern.at
    Institution type: Institute for Holocaust Education of the Austrian ministry for education
    Institution URL: http://www.erinnern.at/bundeslaender/oesterreich/lernmaterial-unterricht/ausstellung-darueber-sprechen
  • Format:

  • Target population:

    Students, Young people, Educators in formal settings, Educators in non-formal settings, General public/non-specialist audience
  • Cost (per practice):

  • Setting:

    Other institution, School
  • Themes:

    Remembrance education and/or history education, Citizenship/democracy education, Antisemitism, Human rights/discrimination, The Holocaust and/or other genocides
  • Core activities:

    Image analysis, Testimonial

Additional information about the practice

    Target population

  • Number of participants:

    Not applicable
  • Age of target population:

  • Additional specifics:

    National/local specifities (e.g. activity targeted to Swedish school students)
  • Components of the practice

  • Topics and objectives:

    The exhibition is based on the experiences of contemporary witnesses. It can be requested from schools. There is a handout for teachers. 14 people in this exhibition talk about what they experienced during the Nazi era. How school friends and girlfriends dealt with them, how the neighbors became enemies, the state a murderer. How they survived and how their families fared. Quotes from these memories and historical footage lead to short video sequences that can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer via QR-Link or the Internet link. The memories are placed on the back of each panel in different contexts. The exhibition is designed as a touring exhibition.
  • Materials used:

    Material culture, i.e., physical object or setting, Audiovisual material, Online material
    Link to the material:
    1. http://www.erinnern.at/bundeslaender/oesterreich/lernmaterial-unterricht/ausstellung-darueber-sprechen
  • Material produced:

    Not applicable
  • Sequence of activities - methodology:

    There is no predetermined structure. The individual panels are intended as interventions in the public space school: people from the past speak to the students about their terrible experiences during the Nazi period and the students are encouraged to discuss the current relevance of the issues raised.
  • Length of activity:

    Up to 5 hours
  • Is the activity digital?:

    Yes: http://www.erinnern.at/bundeslaender/oesterreich/lernmaterial-unterricht/ausstellung-darueber-sprechen
  • Accessibility and replicability

  • Language(s) in which activity can be delivered:

  • Is specialist knowledge or professional training required?:


Qualitative Details

  • Has this practice been evaluated?

  • Core content knowledge and transferable skills:

    Students should be encouraged to reflect on the past and at the same tiem discuss the current relevance of the issues raised.
  • Indicators of success:

    The exhibition has been shown in dozens of schools all over Austria with an overwhelming success. Students and teachers alike have responded very positively to the chance of hosting the exhibition at their respective schools.
  • Educational coordinator contact details:

    Name: Maria Ecker
    Email address: maria.ecker@erinnern.at


The RETHINK project is concerned with bridging formal and informal education. This section explores the factors that make a practice adaptable.

  • Key factors for successful implementation:

    Materials needed
  • Main challenges to teachers adapting this practice for their students:

    Finding enough space to host the exhibition.
  • Availability of guidance/training/replication materials (and in what language/format currently):

    Material and guidance are available in German.
  • Other comments or details: